406United is a Montana network of worship talent willing to lend a hand – sometimes for hire, often for free, always with heart.

The Need

Churches everywhere are in need of worship talent - of various kinds and all levels. But often it's hard to find someone in a pinch. Local churches are limited by their own four walls and immediate shepherding focus - understandably. When it comes time to find replacements on Labor Day weekend or call for a Christmas musical production, where should they look?

The Solution

Since we collectively all make up "one holy catholic [universal] Church" (Apostle's Creed, 4th century A.D.), and in this modern age we have vehicles for driving and the internet as our Rolodex, we think it's time to truly be more connected and intentional about serving one another with passion, time, and talent.

The Result

The result will be a win-win for the Kingdom and a demonstration of John 13:35 "love for one another". The larger church with four drummers could lend 1/week to a smaller church just starting a contemporary service. A budding talent who isn't finding an outlet can gain experience elsewhere 1x/month. And a traveling salesperson can find a place to serve while on business.

Our story

Having served in worship ministry in many churches and denominations for decades, I’ve often seen through the walls that divide and recognized a core unifying grace = the fellowship of the Trinity and of believers. As has been said elsewhere, we typically have far more that unites us than what separates.

Along the way I’ve met so many talented individuals who love to serve, but depending on church size and culture, may not be utilized to full potential; and meanwhile many churches experience a dearth of talent. No small church should have to worship with CDs in this day and age when so many are looking to serve and be developed.

– Daniel Hartzheim, Founder